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excellent service, nice people

Being a college student I needed a nice, affordable car that I could use to get me to school and work everyday. Craig and his staff were friendly, helpful, and a joy to deal with. I was able to buy a very nice car at a very affordable price. I will defiantly be going back again!!
Reason for visit: Shopping for Used
Would you recommend this dealership to a friend? Yes
Did you purchase a vehicle from this dealer? Yes

by liz from glens falls, New York | February 20, 2014

Most trusted place to purchase a vehicle

Over the years I have purchased 2 vehicles from Keymotors and have always received great customer service and have never had any problem with any of the vehicles I ve purchased. I will be buying another vehicle soon. Keymotors is a very honorable and trusted dealership. I would definitely suggest to all my friends and family to buy from them.
Reason for visit: Shopping for Used
Would you recommend this dealership to a friend? Yes
Did you purchase a vehicle from this dealer? Yes

by Nifty73 from Missouri | December 21, 2013

Great place to buy a car!

I had a great customer experience at Key Motors. The owner was friendly and helpful. I would definitely buy another vehicle there.
Reason for visit: Shopping for Used
Would you recommend this dealership to a friend? Yes
Did you purchase a vehicle from this dealer? Yes

by Amy from South Glens Falls, NY | December 19, 2013

Thanks again

Very happy. Told Craig what I was looking for, and told him to let me know if he came across one within my price range. A week later, he called, and had the car. Couldn't have gone smoother.
Reason for visit: Shopping for Used
Would you recommend this dealership to a friend? Yes
Did you purchase a vehicle from this dealer? Yes

by Josh C. from Moreau, NY | December 19, 2013

Nice Dealership!

Before you buy a car from someone else try this place out first. Great prices and friendly people that know what they're talking about. I would recommend them to anyone!
Reason for visit: Shopping for Used
Would you recommend this dealership to a friend? Yes
Did you purchase a vehicle from this dealer? Yes

by Bill Hyde from ballston spa, new york | December 18, 2013

No pressure

I've bought 5 cars over the years from Key Motors and it's always been a pleasant experience. Best of all nobody pressured me ever, it was my choice every time. I look forward to number 6!
Reason for visit: Shopping for Used
Would you recommend this dealership to a friend? Yes
Did you purchase a vehicle from this dealer? Yes

by Very Pleased from Mechanicville NY | December 18, 2013

A+ Dealer!

We have purchased 2 vehicles from Key Motors. Great deal and great service each time. Craig is friendly and totally committed to his customers. Would definitely recommend buying a vehicle from Key Motors
Reason for visit: Shopping for Used
Would you recommend this dealership to a friend? Yes
Did you purchase a vehicle from this dealer? Yes

by Col. Bob from Ballston Lake, NY | December 18, 2013

Excellent People to deal with

Fast friendly service ~ Home town feel, not big city rush !!

Reason for visit: Shopping for New
Would you recommend this dealership to a friend? Yes
Did you purchase a vehicle from this dealer? No

by Shennon from Corinth, New York | December 18, 2013


Thank you so much for being a reputable man and standing behind your word.  We realize that this car probably ended up costing you money.  We will definately be in to purchase other vehicles from you in the not so distant future.  We are spreading the word to everyone we know that you are an honest and trustworthy dealer.  Thank you again.


Peggy B. 
Jordan W.

Craig is the most thoughtful, considerate and trustworthy dealer I have ever had the good fortune of meeting. There aren't many around I feel very lucky to have met Craig. And will definitely see him again.

M Morgan

A Denier

I purchased my first car from Craig at Key Motors in August 2002. It was a 1994 black Chevy Caprice. It started getting a little long in the tooth after nine years of driving it day in and day out, and I needed something strong and reliable for a new daily driver. I searched for two months and decided to give Craig a call. I phoned him and asked about an Impala I saw on KeyMotors.net, but it had been sold. I described to him what I was looking for, and he suggested one to me.


Over the next few weeks after doing my own research and expressing an interest in the vehicle, Craig began his customary bend-over-backwards service to a customer. I needed peace of mind, so he sat down and talked to a rep from a warranty service to make sure all my concerns were covered and explained it all to me. Every one of my many questions were answered in several phone calls and emails. The man takes the time to hit all the details. I never felt like he was rushing me off the phone or pressuring me to just buy or don’t buy the darn car already.


After making my decision to buy, I worked everything out with my bank and insurance company and drove four hours from Pennsylvania in a rental. Craig picked me up at the rental agency and we headed back to his dealership where he completed all the paperwork. He presented me with a spare remote key that he paid almost $250 for out of his own pocket with no charge to me. He could have just not mentioned it at all and never bothered to give me one. But that’s the point. I told him he didn’t have to do that and asked him why he did, to which he replied, “I wanted to do things right.” That’s Craig in a nutshell.


The car had a fresh oil change, a bad tie rod was replaced and an alignment done. A couple weeks later, I received via express mail a new gas tank door because the original was just a little blistered. Unbelievable! Again, I never asked him for one. He just sent it.


One more thing that some people might find irrelevant when they are out purchasing a car, but I found to be a defining quality in an honest, respectable and grounded individual with a big heart. When we were finishing up the paperwork at Key Motors, Craig introduced me to his wife who alerted me to watch my feet because there were a couple of critters running around. The Jasmins had taken in two tiny kittens that were abandoned which they found out back of their place that probably wouldn’t have survived an upstate New York winter.


Don’t hesitate to buy a car from Craig at Key Motors. I know he’ll be there in about nine years when I am ready for another one because he treats people right, nothing like the stereotypical used car salesman. Rather, he’s a quintessential professional. Thanks, Craig.


I’ve been driving around in my gorgeous midnight blue Dodge Charger for two months now and I love it…and I still own the Caprice.


                                                                                                                 -Raymond K


Craig is like having a family member in the car business. I was looking for a Ford police interceptor and stopped by his place on a Wednesday evening. When I arrived he and his team were in the process of running a fine tooth-n-comb over a 1999 model year candidate.

One thing to note about Keymotors is they put all their cars up on lifts and delicately check inside and out for worn parts, leaks, and structural issues. If any problem is found, it's fixed on the spot. You don't buy cars with problems from this place. Craig makes sure of it.

This one Interceptor in particular I took a liking to had just finished receiving a complete transmission flushing and Idler arm replacement. Craig’s technician offered to go over the underside of the car with me. How often does this happen?

He raised it up and pointed out each area they routinely check. He demonstrated the complete absence of rust or corrosion on any area of the body. In fact, the undercarriage was so clean, it looked more like the car with 20,000 miles on it than 114,000. Even the exhaust system looked new. The condition of the car was truly incredible for a 1999 model year.

So I took the car out for a test run along with another candidate and both ran great -  just as advertised. I was so happy with the products I bought one on the spot. This is where the family thing comes in... I wanted the car for the weekend, yet was too busy to pick it up by Friday. Well, Craig actually extended himself by dropping the car off at my house on Thursday. Yes, he actually delivered the car to my place of residence so I would have it for the weekend. Now that's service. Thanks again, Craig!

And even though he told me the car would be detailed when it arrived, I never imagined it would look as buff as it did. The the car simply looked awesome. Keymotor’s detailing process is like magic. The car even smelled like new... and those brand new center caps were icing on the cake.

I can't say enough about Craig, his team, and Keymotors. If you're on the market for a used car you will not find a more honest and reliable place to shop.

Tim R.


We bought a vehicle from them and had it for 4 years. The sales person was laid back when speaking to my wife and myself. Up front about everything. We traded in another vehicle from the same dealer because we were very happy with our previous vehicle. The vehicle that we have now, we really love it. I would highly recommend the dealer. They went above and beyond not to impress us, but to show us that they are not just another car dealer. Thank you. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family. From the Ross family.

helpful and still very friendly

We went looking for a used car for my daughter, I had gone to a few places and was turned off by the answers/attitudes of the people I spoke to. 

We went to Key Motors and was treated with a friendly smile and was well informed and didn’t feel like we were wasting their time with questions.  We did purchase a vehicle from them and the friendly service did not stop there. 
They are very helpful and still very friendly I would highly recommend going to shop for your car there.  When we are ready which will be soon, we will be going here again.

By Sue from Ballston Spa | June 2nd, 2015

Craig, I've never written a testimonial before so bear with me.


  I have been aware of Craig for several years through ebay and his website.

After replacing my totaled '95 caprice (9C1, L99, 354,000 miles)with a CHERRY one owner '95 Roadmaster that I dearly love and am keeping, I still longed for the performance and feel of my old 9C1, so I called Craig and told him I was looking for an extra clean LT1. 

  Confident from all his testimonials and his knowledge of these great cars, I purchased one after only seeing the one picture on his website and talking to Craig a couple of times to take care of my concerns. 

  I flew up from Mesquite, Texas on Thursday Aug 30th; Craig picked me up in Albany and took me to his location.  After assuring me of the steps he had taken to make the car pleasing to me, I went to the State office and changed the title and was on my way back to Texas by 4:30 the same afternoon.  I arrived back in Texas Saturday Sept 1, in time to make the afternoon dove hunt.

  I travel all of Texas and part of 7 other states, I have put 15,000+ miles on this car in less than 3 months.  I just changed the oil for the 5th time and it has not used a drop.  Absolutely love this car and have nothing but praise for Craig's integrity.  He and his personnel are a real credit to the "Used Auto Profession".

I think it is a shame that the Executives at GM were so narrow minded to let this great car and engine combination come to such an early death.  Thanks for your dedication to the 9C1 and LT1 and making it possible for so many others to be able to learn about and enjoy them.

Thanks from a very Proud Texan for a GR8 experience.

Ps  have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Merry CHRISTmas

Dwayne Stephens

I had been looking for a Caprice, and i knew i wanted one with a 350
V8. That is when I discovered the  9C1 Package. Shortly after i stumbled
upon the Key Motors website. Thats when i had to have one. I had my eye on a
Dark Sapphire blue one Craig had listed for sale on the site. I called him
and he said it was sold, but he was doing another one just like it. I was
a little skeptical at first thinking is it really going to be just as nice?

    Well after about two weeks with constant contact with Craig the car was
complete and Craig sent me the photos....it was exactly what I was looking
for, We arranged a date and just like that i made the 3 hour trip to pick it
up.  The car drove amazingly, I was impressed. Handled awesome, stopped
great, it the gas and hang on. Very very clean as well. The car even had a
brand new Transmission (Thank you NYSP).

    Craig is awesome he knows everything about these cars, i had loads of
questions, and he answered every single one no problem He made sure that
when i left i stayed in contact, and I did. When i went to fix the A/C and
couldn't fine the orifice tube location, called him, and he knew right where
it was. I had a little problem with the ticket light, and before i knew it
there was a new one at my door. (Thank you by he way). When i went to
reconnect all the door light switches, and was having a little trouble, who
did I call? Craig, and in 5 seconds,  no more trouble.

   If you want a phenomenal car, and a great deal look no further, Craig is
all he says to be, and you can comfortably buy from him, I will again no
problem, and would recommend anyone to him...

Providence RI

Between myself and my kids, we just bought our 5th car from Key Motors. It all started out 3 years ago when my son got a 9C1 from Craig. We drove to Ballston Spa from Rochester to pick it up. I enjoyed the ride home in it so much that I told my son that whenever he wanted to get rid of this car, I wanted it. A few months later, he decided he wanted a State Trooper blue one, so I got the original one. Since then both my daughters got cars at Key Motors, and I recently got the latest 9C1. It had some minor problems that Craig took care of promptly and to my satisfaction. I recommend Key Motors to everyone. Thanks Craig. Great job!


 Marty Langen

I purchased my 1995 9C1 Caprice from Craig Jasmin a few months ago, and couldn't be happier. The car has exceeded all my expectations for performance and reliability. 
Key Motors does an outstanding job of preparing their vehicles for delivery. They thoughtfully recondition each vehicle, saving you the expenses usually associated with an older car.
It is getting hard to find nice examples of these Caprices. Fortunately, Key Motors locates and keeps a large inventory of quality examples. Even better, they will make performance and cosmetic modifications for you at reasonable rates. Order yours the way you want it.
Craig Jasmin's Key Motors is "a one of a kind" operation. I give them my highest recommendations. If you want a 9C1 Caprice, buy it here. These guys know their stuff and are a pleasure to do business with! 
Ed Crocker
Hartford, CT   December 2006

I just wanted to say that buying a vehicle from Craig Jasmin is a whole new
car buying experience.  I have purchased two vehicles and both times I was
more than pleased.

July of 2005 I set out to replace my tired 94 NYSP 9c1.  After search upon
search, I stumbled upon Key Motors.  After a couple of emails, Craig informed
me of exactly the car I wanted and what it would need.  The next few weeks
consisted of prepping the car for paint and working out all the mechanical
bugs.  Once all was said and done, I was on the train to acquire my new
vehicle.  When I arrived in Albany, I met Craig and saw my new vehicle.  The
paint and body work was flawless and the ride was perfect.

June of 2006 I again set out to locate another vehicle.  This time I wanted
a NYSP Tahoe.  Again, I made the pone call to Craig, and within minutes I
received a reply.  Craig opened up with, "Have I got a deal for you!  How
would you like the lowest mileage NYSP Tahoe ever?"  That just sealed the
deal.  The normal prepping of my vehicle filled Craig's schedule for the
next few weeks, with the only setback being my pushbars.  After what felt
like the longest train ride, with delay after delay, I finally arrived. 
Seeing Craig's face and my truck made the delays insignificant.  The ride to
Craig's and the DMV was the best ever.

Buying a vehicle from Keymotors is not like buying a vehicle from a typical
car dealer.  Craig Jasmin isn't set out to sell a piece of junk with a huge
mark-up, he is set out to sell a quality vehicle with customer service his
top priority.  Both vehicles I was kept up-to-date on the progress and
status.  I don't know of any other dealers that would go out of there way to
give their customers piece of mind.  When you purchase a vehicle from Craig,
you don't just acquire a vehicle; you acquire a new friend.

Thank you Craig for all that you and your staff has done.  I think I speak
for everyone when I say you and your staff are super.  I've never met anyone
with such a great personalities.

Jeff Hanson
E. Syracuse, NY

94 9c1 NYSP
99 Z56 NYSP

I can't believe what a great deal I got on my Federal 2001 Camaro.  I wasn't even actively looking for a new car, just sort of had it in the back of my head that "someday" I would get an LS1 F-body.  Well, you gave me such a deal on a great car I couldn't turn it down.  Craig has worked on all the options and details to make the car perfect for me-  It came with cruise and the Monsoon stereo, but I wanted leather seats, and a different rear axle ratio.  I can't believe how this car goes, now. 

    I absolutely love the car, but it was the deal and the service that sold me on Key Motors-  I am already a repeat customer, and I will be back again when I am looking for another vehicle.  Craig will work with you to find whatever you are looking for, and won't stop working until you are happy with your car and your deal.   Thanks again, Craig.  Like Arnold says, "I'll be back!"

Will Northup
Charlton, NY

Just wanted to say I had a great car buying experience from Craig.  I have been looking for a replacement for my 2000 Impala 9C1 for a while and had my eyes on the the B4C Camaro's.  I got in touch with Craig and he was very helpful.  I initially thought I had to back out of the deal and then call him back a couple of days later and let him know I can purchase the car after all.  Most dealers or private individuals for the matter, would have blew me off.  But Craig worked with me and prepped the car for me within a couple of days.  I took off from Ohio (where I was working that week) to New York to pick up my Camaro and to trade in my Impala.  I didn't even bring my title and he wrote me a check for the car anyways (I don't recommend doing that).  The car was cleaned, serviced, and any necessary repairs were made.  I drove the car back to Michigan that same day.

The next day (Sunday) I have noticed there were grease all over the back of my car and took it to a repair shop for inspection.  It turned out that the axle seals weren't fully seated when replaced and have leaked out.  The axle bearing was destroyed in the process and so did the rest of the rear end.  I contacted Craig via the phone and he contacted both the repair shops and me multiple times within the hour.  He called around different salvage yards and bought an identical rear axle with only 21k miles on it and had it sent to the repair shop I had the car at.  He also promptly sent me a check for the labor for repair the same day I faxed him the invoice.  Craig's attitude even impressed the repair shop and the mechanic that works there!  I can say he's one of the most honest person I have dealt with, car dealer or not.

I would definitely purchase another vehicle from Craig and Key Motors when the times comes where I need another police packaged vehicle.  Keep up the good work Craig, and I appreciate all you've done. 

Sterling Heights, MI

Just wanted to say, Great experience! Craig treated me incredibly with absolutely no pressure, along with helping me out while being in a jamb. I had two caprice 9C1's, one with a dead tranny, and one that was not on the road. Craig gave me a decent buck for the pair, although I could have probably got more outright , I got rid of them quick, and Craig came to my house, about 25 miles and picked up my 94 and let me drive my 95 one last time with a dealer plate! It broke my heart to get rid of my 95, but Craig told me I had nothing to worry about with this Z56 and he would stand behind it 100%! He also admitted to me that he was reluctant himself to get rid of his tahoe. I wish I could send some pics, but I'm at another computer due to mine crashing. If anyone out there buys my  95 Saratoga county car, please give her a good home, and Craig, Thank you! It was great dealing with you, and I will certainly be back! Especially when you get an 05 or 06 police package tahoe!
Bill Kieran
Albany, New York 12205

I am very happy with the vehicle I bought from Key Motors in the Fall of
2005.    I already had a Caprice police car when I learned about Craig
Jasmin at Key Motors from various car club and high performance web sites.
There were several comments and posted threads about his good reputation, so
I looked at the Key Motors on-line inventory.   I wish I had known about
Craig sooner, because I remembered how frustrating it was for me to find a
good quality police car a few years ago. 

Anyway, I was in the market for a Suburban/Tahoe and Key Motors also had a
bunch of interesting trucks available.  I found exactly what I wanted: a
heavy duty, 4x4 Suburban in excellent condition.  The options and condition
were described accurately on the web site.  I say this because it is true
and because I am a bit of a fanatic about my vehicles.  I read a lot of
automotive books, work on my own vehicles and keep them for many years.  I
was very happy when I visited Craig and examined the truck.   

The long ride was worthwhile, but since I was alone, I could not take the
Suburban home the same day.  Craig offered delivery and then also offered to
meet me at the nearby train station for my next trip if I wanted to enjoy
driving the vehicle home myself (I did).  After I drove home (no problems at
all) there was a lot of curiosity about where I found a vehicle like this.
I told everyone about Key Motors and how I would be pleased to do business
with Craig Jasmin again.   ----Brian in New Jersey.

My son and I were looking for his first car which would either be a classic car , an eighties cutlass supreme  or a caprice police package 1994 to 1996 .My first choice  for him was the caprice as it has newer technology and more  safety features. After seeing an  Imlala SS , I was really excited myself about these types of cars.

With In 2 weeks of exploring this category I stumbled on Key Motors via  an ebay auction . Then I went to his web sight AND SAW QUITE A SELECTION .
So far Criag is exactly like every thing you might  read about him . He is a pleasure to deal with and very straight forward no BULL .His  understanding and passion for these types of vehicles is tremendous  and has been contagious to us.
We really like the car it is exactly as he expalined it . We did buy some options and  Craig was fair on the pricing . He perosnally delivered the car a week earlier than he promised .
The few questions I have had about the car since we bought it Craig was always avalible and gave us answers very fast . We have not had any problems with the vehicle at all .
We bought a 1996 Virginia State Car in White . [I love driving this car on the Highway ]
Please note I do not trust salesman especially used car salesman and after speaking to Craig on the phone four or five times for about  2 or 3  hours total I bought the car just by his description and with the pictures on his websight . We also checked his e bay rating which was very high .
The only negative I have to say was that I had to endure some of Craigs jokes and  unique sense of Humor .
If you think of it  ask him about the joke/comment regarding the NY Snow Storm which the weathermen predicted ten inches of snow.  
If you have any interest in what Craig at Key Motors has to sell I would recommend him 100% .
Tom L.- Long Island , NY

I always wanted a caprice and I had seen many websites that other owners had and noticed they got most of them from Keymotors. When I moved to PA I decided to see craig's selection for myself. I originally had my focus on a 96 caprice to replace my 93 caprice (totaled in major PA icestorm) for use with my fire department. I ended up getting myself a 2000 Impala 9c1 and my mom her dream car being a 1998 Mustang GT fed car and my sister a 1995 GMC Jimmy from craigs sister in law (she's as obsessed about details on cars as he is) all in one day because the condition and prices were do-able. My Impala has served my department and looks great in parades plus the rest are running strong for everyone else. I would not discourage anyone I know to stop over there and check the vehicles out because its worth the look.

 Sean, PA PFFD #2

I bought my 1996 Dark Green Grey 9C1 Caprice from Key Motors in July of
2005. I've wanted one for years but never really got serious about it
until my friend loaned me his 9C1 for a week.  (He bought his car from
Key Motors, too.)  I knew right then and there I had to have one of
these cars so I started looking at Key Motors' website. There were quite
a few cars to choose from. The car that I originally went up to see
wasn't exactly what I was looking for so Craig suggested a clean 1996
Dark Green Grey 9C1 that he had recently taken in trade.  Clean didn't
even begin to describe this car.  It was immaculate inside and out. I
could tell that the previous owner really cared about his car. (Thanks
Rob!)  I took it for a test drive and I knew I had found my car.  There
were a few minor details that needed fixing, but Craig took care of
everything and the car was ready to be picked up exactly when he said it
would be. I can't believe how nice this car looks, runs, and drives for
a 9 year old car with 178,000 miles on the odometer. Yes, 178,000 and
still running strong!

If you're looking for a 9C1 do yourself a favor and go see Craig.  He
knows these cars inside and out plus he's a really great guy.

Thanks again for everything Craig.

Bill Carbone
Florence, Massachusett

I bought my 94 Caprice 9c1 from Craig back in June and
when we initially had trouble getting my car to me but
Craig and the the transport company both worked round
the clock to make sure that my car got here.  Once it
arrived I had a little problem with the A/C but Craig
stepped in again and made sure all was right.  Now
that everything is complete I am loving the car and
would recommend Craig the anyone looking buy ANY
vehicle  - he stands behind what he sells and unlike a
traditional dealer.  I not only bought a car but made a
friend.  Thanks buddy!

-Chris H.
Las Vegas, NV

After about three years of thinking about buying an LT-1 9C1 Caprice I finally decided it was time to buy one. I looked at some in my area and realized that the dealers that were selling them did not know much about the cars and that all of the cars I looked at were overpriced for the poor shape they were in. After being disappointed with all of the cars I looked at I decided to call Key Motors. Craig at Key Motors asked me what exactly I was looking for and while I was on the phone with him he went over to a car that he thought would suit my needs and explained everything about the car to me in detail. He assured me that if I liked what he had just explained about the car that I would not be disappointed with the car if I decided to buy it sight unseen. Talking 9C1 Caprice talk with Craig on the phone for about forty five minutes really made me realize that he has a love for these cars and it put me at ease about buying a car from him sight unseen so I decided to go for it. Craig told me that there is a train station about a half hour drive from his business and that if I came in to Albany on the train that he would pick me up in the car I was buying from him. The day came to go get my car and even though the train arrived in Albany an hour late Craig was still there with my car waiting for me. When I first laid eyes on the car I was impressed. The car is in beautiful shape and I bought it at what I feel is a great price. On my ride back to Rhode Island I found that the car's acceleration, braking, and handling are very impressive. There were a few minor problems that I found with the car which I talked to Craig about and he reimbursed me the money it cost to fix the problems. Even though the purchase transaction is over Craig told me not to forget that if I ever have any problems with the car that I can't figure out and need suggestions that I should feel free to call him. Dealing with Craig at Key Motors has been a pleasure and I love the fact that even after the purchase he is still there for technical advise. I highly recommend Key Motors if you are looking to buy an LT-1 9C1 Caprice.


Chris Ring

Ashaway, Rhode Island

I just purchased a lt adraitic blue 9c1 from craig. Even though i 
was a pain in the ass, he took the time to work with me and answer all my
questions. Great guy to deal with, very relaxed atmosphere no pressure to buy
this one or that one. And the cars are clean when you get them! I went up
there at the right time, the one i picked was just sittin after a good
cleaning session. And the washer fluid was filled too, a nice touch. Sure it
has some minor issues, but that's what i expect from a 10 yr old car, let
alone a police car. Nothing really major, just average things to deal with.
And he does this for the love of these cars, which is why i bought
from him, he's not just someone selling these, he loves them as much as the
rest of us do. If your looking for a 9c1 or a police tahoe, go see craig, it's
worth it!
Eric S. New jersey

I had purchased my last car on the internet and didn’t really have a problem with it. I had purchased a 1994 Chevrolet 9C1, and the guy I bought it from sold it to buy a 99 Tahoe Z56.

He picked me up at the airport in it and I knew then that would be my next car. After driving the Caprice for about six years it was getting "long in the tooth" with some 287,000 miles on the clock. Even though she still runs strong I knew it was time to look for a worthy successor. The Caprice had been my 6th police package car and I knew I wanted another one. With gas prices pushing almost $2.00@ gallon I initially dismissed getting a Tahoe Z56. I scoured the web looking at CV PI’s, Luminas, Intrepid’s and Impalas. The only one that gave me any peace was the Ford, and because the body style is still in use where I live I didn’t want the hassle. About a year before I knew I would be able to buy, I found a link to keymotorsusa.com. I hadn’t seen any Tahoes on any of the sites I frequented, and lo and behold, here was a guy who at that time had 12 Tahoes!!!! I began to watch the page weekly and reconsider the Tahoe. Here was a Police Package Vehicle that had the V8 I wanted, plus all the room to. And it didn’t look too copesque".

Not that I don’t like that look, I do, I just wanted something a little less attention grabbing. Driving my Caprice through the rougher parts of town brought too many stares from the "unsavory" elements and I didn’t want any rounds sent my way.

Anyway, about six months before I was ready to purchase, I gave the owner, Craig a call. I’d read all the testimonials on his site and I was still surprised by talking to him. You see Craig is not selling cars because he’s trying to get rich or make a commission, no he is one of us. He found a product he loved and realized no one was making the purchase of a good, used, police car easy, so he did it. We talked for a half an hour about Caprices, Tahoes, and police cars in general. The reason I had called was to find out how fast the trucks were moving and if he thought he might still have some in November or December when I would be ready to buy. He said he really thought he would, and to call back closer to when I would be ready to buy. I began to watch the page in earnest now, watching weekly for inventory changes. The months between July and December seemed to go on forever. I had settled on a Tahoe that I wanted, one of the 2wd versions in NY States blue. I picked the one with the lowest listed mileage, and was counting the days until my funds were available. Then one day I logged on (some time in August I think) to check the inventory and there was a new Tahoe listed. A 2wd model that was black with a grey interior. The mileage was lower than anything else available at 97,000. I was drooling over this truck. With 3 months to go until my funds became available, I assumed it would not last long. I called Craig and inquired about the truck and he told me all about it. Mind you I haven’t given this man a penny yet and he spent another half hour talking with me and the next day he sent me photos of the truck. Craig was right up front with me about what he considered wrong with the truck, things like paint and some small imperfections in the truck. I studied photos he’d sent and fell in love with the truck. I could only hope it was still around in December. When my check arrived I called Craig that day. I made a deal with him on the price and sent him a deposit the same day. I couldn’t wait to get to New York to pick it up. I flew in on a Thursday and Craig met me at the airport and off we went to get my truck. Craig told me that he usually picks up his customers in their new cars but my car was at the shop getting a front end alignment. You see, Craig had replaced the all the steering linkage on the truck because he wasn’t happy with how it was steering. That is the kind of guy he is. Not only that, the people who took the decals off the truck had scratched it up and Craig didn’t want it leaving like that, so he painted both sides of the truck. Yup, painted and clear-coated it. I couldn’t believe how great the truck looked when I saw it. Gloss, glossy, wicked black, very nice!!! That’s not all, the previous owners; (Vermont State DMV) had lost one of the panels in the back of the truck so Craig bought a new one and installed it. This is great service. He also put new tires one it. Needless to say this is the best car buying experience in my 40 years. After finishing up the paperwork, we went out for a bite. On the way back the check engine light came on. Craig took it back to his shop and ran a scan tool on it. An oxygen sensor had come loose so he took care of it. I was planning to hit the road in the morning, so I head out to find a motel for the evening. I stopped at a mall to get a bite and kill some time, when I went to lock the truck up, the rear doors would not lock. I called Craig and he had me bring it back the next morning. He spent another hour that morning getting the rear door lock mechanism working. When I left that morning I was more than completely satisfied with my experience with Craig and Keymotors.net. Craig spent more time and money making sure I was happy with my purchase than I would have ever expected from any car dealer. I would highly recommend Craig and Keymotors.net to anyone who is looking for a high quality used police car at a great price with outstanding service. I hope in 3 or 4 years Craig has a 2006 Chevrolet Tahoe Z56 that I can buy from him. He gets the rest of my car business as long as he is in business.


David R.

Toledo, OH

I wanted to thank you again for the ease of the transaction in  purchasing my 95 DCM Caprice. I originally saw the car on one of Key Motors' Ebay auctions. I was very interested but did not move quick enough and some snatched it up using 'Buy it now.' I emailed Craig and  told him I was interested in looking at another 95 w/similar equipment.
By that time, it became clear that someone had bid on the car using a scammed Ebay ID and the original auction fell through. Craig and I talked on the phone several times and made the arrangements to purchase the car I originally saw on Ebay . He was very honest and helpful  throughout the transaction. Craig made the idea of buying a car long  distance a very comfortable matter. I had the car shipped to me here in St. Louis and it arrived exactly as described. I have to laugh because the auto transport showed up earlier than expected at Key Motors and
Craig had to hurry to make certain that he completed the oil change on my new car before it got put on the truck. :) That was certainly something he did not have to do and, to me, speaks volumes about the type of business Craig runs.  I have an 04 Infiniti G35 w/ a 6 speed manual and was looking for a comfortable car that I could drive on a daily basis and not have to worry about. I had owned a 93 L05 9C1 before and as Craig told me, they do not compare to the 94-96 9C1s. He was certainly right. The car is comfortable, well appointed and with the LT1 has tons of power. The best part was shortly after taking delivery of my 'new' Caprice we had a snow storm here. My Infiniti with its traction control and advanced electronics was having trouble on the smallest inclines. I parked the
Infiniti and got in the Caprice with its Goodyear M+S tires and I didn't have a problem at all. The Caprice just went along like it was on dry pavement. Thanks Craig for the new snow tires that you put on the car:  It reaffirmed that I had made the right choice of buying my Caprice from Key Motors.  I am looking forward keeping the Caprice a good long time. I know it will certainly last as Craig does an excellent job in getting the cars he sells into great condition by repairing what is needed.  Thanks again for everything,

Brian M.
St. Louis

After driving through a NY winter in a 68 baja bug with no heat, and collecting a few “warning” tickets for excessively-loud-exhaust.  I knew it was time for a new car.  I went looking to find the right one. Quiet-4doors-resonable mpg-and had to look GOOD.  I looked everywhere and found the caprice classic fit my bill.  I wanted the Impala SS, the 14K asking prices were too much.  Then I noticed the 9C1’s being sold, auctioned off.  These are Impalas SS without the excessive price.  All over the web were people selling them.  However, only one I found also offered warranties also—Keymotors.


  Being over 2 hours drive away I did a lot of talking to Craig over the phone ahead of time.  He answered all my questions, yes even the dumb ones without losing patience.  When I was ready, he agreed to meet us on a Saturday for looking at his inventory.  I wanted a white one, with spotlight, as a daily driver and family car.  We looked at all the cars, Low-pressure sales doesn’t begin to explain Craig.  After talking with me, he hinted at another car.  Bingo-Love at first drive.  No new car ever felt as good/tight as “My” LT1 Ex-US Marshals 9C1.  You mash the throttle and hold on the thrill ride starts.  Quickly you’ll exceed ANY speed limit.  To think that anyone thinks they could out-run these cars is laughable.  HooDawgy this car Sh*ts and Gits, like no other.


 Craig explained all the new parts installed, we found a few items I wanted fixed.  He put a new hood on it, and repainted it (I couldn’t live with rust on my NEW car). He even matched 2 other panels that now didn’t match.  How far will he go to fix a problem—crawling into the trunk-shutting the lid- and having water poured over it to find a water leak (leak fixed).


  The following weekend I went on a cruise to Ohio and back.  This was the first time I ever went interstate tripping without an extensive toolbox in the car.  No worries.  Flawless performance the whole way, 24 mpg in a full size, four door, 4100 pound car at 70mph.  Quiet car-no sound difference between 35mph and 85mph-you can whisper at the passenger and be heard, how neat is that.


 Cant wait for the 9C1 meet at Craigs in the fall.  Planning on getting a few upgrades done while we’re there.  I highly recommend the “fuel gauge fix” it can get alittle freaky going 200 miles, and not having the gauge budge. 


  So that’s it Papa Jon gets his respectable-comfortable-family car, and one of the last Rip Snorting factory hot rods all in one car.  Watch for the BlueJet flashing by on interstates near you.

Jon Conlon


I discovered Key motors when I was driving down from Plattsburgh, NY down to Albany, NY when I stopped just outside this little town called Ballston Spa. As I was fueling my car I noticed the fellow next to me was filling up what looked like a late model Chevy Caprice Classic. I asked him if it was an old police car and he confirmed that It was. He said that there's a gentleman that specializes in used police cars in town and to go and have a chat with him about what I would need. I looked him up on the Internet and called him a couple of times and decided to go and have a look at what he had. Due to the work that I do, I wanted a vehicle that I could drive heavily and not have to worry about, rather than putting all the mileage and wear and tear on my primary car (2001 Audi A4).
I was never very struck with the Chevys and although the car I drove was an absolute gem I just couldn't get myself to buy it. So... I asked how much trouble it would be if Craig could order a Crown Victoria for me to compare. One day later ... let me stress that again, ONE DAY LATER he had a Metallic Gray P71 for me to drive. I admit I much preferred the Ford (sorry all you Chevy fans) even though it was noticeably more sluggish than the Chevys. It had 127,000 miles on it approx. and cosmetically it was just about perfect. Mechanically, it only needed a couple of minor things here and there. The only major thing was an exhaust leak. Craig was very honest and said that he wasn't as knowledgeable with the Ford's so he sent it out to have the leak repaired.
Four days after my initial drive of the car I took delivery of my 1998 Ford Crown Victoria P71. It looked like a new car inside and out. I will admit to not expecting it to look as good as it did when I went to pick it up.
So to sum up, day one, I wasn't sure if I even wanted an old police car. Fast forward 5 Days and I am driving home in a gem of a used car ... at a great price.
I would recommend Craig's facility to anyone who would be looking for a quality used heavy duty car to use as a second car or a highway car. I will buy my next used Police Car from him, whatever it may be ... perhaps a Tahoe!!
Oh yeah, one more thing... You'll get a kick out of this Craig. On my way home from work one day I was stopped by the NY State Police. I wasn't doing anything wrong the officer said to me. Apparently, he wanted to find out which State agency I worked for because he hadn't seem a P71 in the color that I had. I told him it was my private car which was owned by the State of Virginia previously and was 6 years old. His reply was, and I'll never forget it... "Wow, want to trade ... mine is brand new and I like yours better!"
A future Key Motors Customer
Gareth Churchill
Oswego, NY

I purchased my first 9C1 from Craig ('94 PA State Police unmarked) nearly 2 years ago. At the time the car had nearly 153,000 miles so I was a little nervous about possible problems.  Craig assured me that he would go through the car and make sure everything was okay.  During almost 20,000 miles of often hard driving, the ONLY thing the car needed was to have a headlight bulb replaced.   I was still in love with the car and made the mistake of letting one of my friends drive it. He couldn't wipe the grin off his face after he got out of the car. Two days later he called me and said he had to have the car. Even though I had no intentions of selling it, he insisted and offered me a fair price.  Immediately, I went to see Craig again.  I found a white unmarked '95 with nearly 153,000 miles on it and a bad transmission. Once again, Craig assured me that he would take care of all the mechanical problems.  He even did a few things for me (for free) that I requested.  The car also !
 required some bodywork.  He had this done for me at his cost (and it looks perfect).  I have to admit I was nervous when I went to pick it up because I never really drove it.  It looked like a new car and drove like a nearly new one.  I can't say enough good things about Craig and his dealership.   If I ever get tired of this car (probably not) or if one of my friends insists on buying it, I will be back at Craigs business the next day picking out another one.
Thanks again Craig!

Mark M
Roch. NY

How awesome is my 1995 Key Motors, 9C1 Marblehead Gray metallic car?? Well
they say a picture is worth a 1000 words!! I've owned an entire fleet of
these 9C1 cars, but it wasn't until I stumbled across Key Motors I've finally
found the one car I'm going to keep. Craig found me this beautiful 1995
ex-DMV car from North Carolina. I'm nearly 3,000 miles away from Craig, but
after our many, many emails and phone calls I bought the car without ever
seeing it! That's how confident Craig made me feel. I'm a very picky owner
and told Craig I only wanted to ever own 1 more of these cars. I love the
B-body and have driven many of them since 1994. After searching through tons
of cars, and Craig knowing how picky I was, he actually talked me out of a
few cars! He just wont sell you any old car if your looking for something
specific. Hence he found me this car. I was amazed to find out the car was
completely reconditioned 22,000 miles ago, new engine, tranny, interior, the
works! Now that I got the car, I wanted a ton of upgrades. He got the
Caprice SS scripts, painted them, painted the impala grill, SLP air intake
and added a LTZ badge. He pulled off moldings and buffed the heck out of the
paint. We all laughed as after he had that awesome exhaust installed. (FYI
the Hooker Cat Back Exhaust sounds bodacious on a Caprice) I got it
programmed, 160 degree thermostat, and the warranty....which I highly doubt
will ever be used!! I got so much stuff done I won't bore you all, lets just
say its been Key Motored! Craig answered all my questions, and probably
doesn't want everyone to know, but even answered my calls during his own
dinners (dropping cake on some poor guy at a buffet, because of my phone
call!) The car arrived via Tim Spear transport in 100 percent condition.
This car isn't a brand new car, it was built in 1995, but its darn close.
Its about as close to being showroom ready a 9 year old car can be. I'd
recommend Craig at Key Motors to anybody who really wants a great B-body, 9C1
car. From NC, to NY, and out here to AZ, this car is staying! Thanks
Craig......my B4C Key Motors car is next!!!!!!

Michael, AZ

I just bought my 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe from Craig @ Key Motors and was
extremely happy with my purchase. I had been looking for a vehicle that I
wouldn't have to go into debt for, and found this vehicle loaded. Craig was
terrific to work with, and went out of his way to make me extremely
satisfied. Craig went above and beyond on several items, and the truck when
I received it, was immaculate. I have a vehicle with more options on it than
I did on my 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe 2-door that I traded. Thanks again, Craig,
for everything you did. I definitely will be referring customers to you in
the future.

Grady Pierce
Battle Creek, Michigan

I became interested in the 9C1 Police vehicles several years ago.  At that time I checked out several dealers and advertisers on the internet and on ebay.  keymotorsusa.com seemed to have the best reputation on ebay and I watched several of their cars at auction and carefully monitored the feedback.  When I saw a '94 9C1 "trade in" come to the auction with the usual multitude of pictures, I was impressed.  The car was clean, optioned out, and honestly described.  I contacted Craig Jasmin by email and he was quick to answer all my questions.  I set a limit of what the base car price plus the extras would be and won the auction below my max bid amount.  It turns out that the car was the personal transportation of one of Craig's employees and it was even better than described.  I purchased a one-way ticket from Maryland to Albany, was met by Craig at the airport, did the necessary paperwork, and was on the road in about an hour. 

The car was everything I hoped it would be.  I drove it home to Maryland and it passed the tough Maryland inspection with only a minor repair (exhaust gasket).  I am a truly satisfied customer and I would certainly recommend Craig and his operation to everyone.  Over two years have passed and I have had NO repairs other than ordinary maintenance on my 9C1.  If ALL used car dealers had the integrity and honesty of Craig.....there sure would be a lot less jokes about "used car salesman". I can still email Criag if I have a problem or need a part and he is right there for me. 
ISSCA #3189

I just purchased a 95 Impala SS from Key Motors and have found all the other glowing testimonials to be true. I live in North Texas and love B- body GM cars, owning a 95 9C1 Caprice, 95 Buick Roadmaster Wagon, and 96 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. I looked for an SS locally but the prices were out of sight. Then I saw a 95 SS on the Key Motors website for a reasonable price - but it was located in the New York rust belt! I hesitated for a while but finally called Craig Jasmin and asked about the car. He is a great low-key salesman, talked to me for quite a while, told me the history of the car and was very forthcoming on its condition both good and bad. Now I have never in my life even considered buying a car sight unseen, especially one across the country, but based mostly on his reputation I decided to buy the car. He told me they would completely inspect the car and fix anything that was a problem within the original price. In my case that wound up including a rebuilt transmission, Transgo shift kit, total new brakes, four new tires, front wheel alignment, new radiator, new starter, new oil cooler lines, new grille, rear window track repair, some dent repair, repainting the roof and hood, and a complete detailing! I elected to have Craig do a lot of extras, including Bilstein shocks, Z28 Instrument cluster, 3.73 gears, Eaton Posi, 160 Tstat, PCM reprogramming, new Optispark, plugs, plug wires, water pump, O2 sensors, coil, and new factory mufflers. Even with all these add-ons and the cost of shipping the car the total price was still less than prevailing retail in my area. I was pretty nervous waiting for it to be done but when it came there were no major surprises, it looked exactly as described and ran great. I highly recommend Craig and Key Motors to anyone looking for a B-body, he is honest, trustworthy, and a true expert in a very limited field.

Don Rundgren

As you have read about doing business with Craig, it was great. I purchased a 1995 Chevrolet 9C1 formally owned by the US government  Marshall Service. It is black with a grey interior. (Great for cloning) However the car is a Caprice and I didn't want an Impala SS otherwise I would've bought an Impala SS. When I first saw the vehicle it was a typical black Chevy Caprice. I made a couple of requests of Craig before I picked up the car. First I wanted to be rid of the stock hubcaps and have them replaced with center caps. Next I wanted the car black, all black. There were a few heavy scratches on the body I wanted fixed, so done. The chrome was also blacked out including the grille (replaced with an Impala grille) and the chrome strip along the trunk lid. Craig took care of the rest by adding the Impala body moldings. and blacking out the body chrome and the tail light chrome.  On the inside Craig replaced the ugly bench seat with a pair of buckets from an Ex-Virginia State patrol. He also replaced the carpet with a rubber floor for cleaning ease. He added a Monsoon CD and Gary added flash to pass. Under the hood I requested a "first base" delete. That was also done and replaced with a black tube. As far as performance the car does not run like a car with 102,000 miles, the engine purrs and runs smoothly. The car is so comfortable that I surprised myself when I looked down and noticed myself doing 95 MPH down the New York State Thruway.
       Bottom line is you are shopping for a 9C1 Chevrolet Caprice, Key Motors is the place to go and Craig is the man to see. When it comes to knowledge and and standing behind his vehicles after the sale, customer service is Craig's middle name.
       Craig thank you for an excellent purchasing experience, we will be doing business again!

-Jeff C.

As anticipated, based upon all of the testimonials I read prior to contacting you, buying from Key Motors was an excellent experience.  All aspects of the process went smoothly, except for a NJ DMV problem that was totally out of your hands.  To begin with, I was able to choose from a wide variety of cars, listed on your website.  I found one that was just what I was looking for:  A 1995 Caprice LT1 9C1 that was unmarked.  In fact, it was a retired U.S. Marshal's car, which would have much less wear and tear than a normal trooper's car.  There were actually multiple U.S. Marshal's cars listed, so that I could even pick the color I wanted.  Amazing. 

The website also listed your extensive customization options.  I requested that the Z28 instrument cluster, gear indicator and gas gauge fix options be added.  The Z28 cluster turned out looking perfectly OEM.  I plan to come back, to add some performance and exterior modifications, as money allows.  The head mechanic, Gary, does really high quality work.  Finally, from the website, I was able to purchase a warranty.  With the high mileage on the retired law enforcement cars and the high miles I planned to put on the car, this seemed like a no-brainer.

Once I had picked out the car and options I wanted, the rest of the process went just as smoothly.  In fact, it went better than I had ever imagined.  I realized that the car would be cleaned up cosmetically, but I had no idea that it would be detailed so well it almost looked like a new car.  The interior, paint and engine compartment were spotless and gleamed.  Nor did I anticipate that you would go over the car so thoroughly mechanically.  Anything that needed repairing or even looked like it needed repairing (!) was replaced.  That is simply amazing customer service.  I am very, very grateful that you went above and beyond with my car.

Making the buying process as simple for me as possible, you also agreed to accept my Toyota as a trade-in.  Not a typical law enforcement vehicle, that's for sure.  :)  The trade-in value was very fair as well. 

After a very straight forward three hour trip from New Jersey, I arrived at Key Motors to pick up my car.  It was everything I had hoped it would be and more.  The car was waiting for me, ready to be test driven, as soon as I pulled in the driveway.  The test drive was very impressive.  The steering and suspension were tight.  The car has the uncanny ability to hug turns like a sports car and cruise over bumps like a luxury car.  I never drove a car that was such a perfect combination of performance and comfort.  And the power!  Well the LT1 really lived up to its reputation, that's for sure.  From any speed, press the pedal and the torque propels the car forward instantly.  Press the pedal hard and the car simply rockets forward with an incredible roar from engine.  My God, talk about sh*t eaten grins!  :)  This car is the ultimate sleeper.  The drive home took less time than the drive there obviously.  Needless to say, my son and I enjoyed every mile.

I also appreciated how you called me to follow-up on the car.  I took advantage of the opportunity to ask you some more questions, which you have always readily and expertly answered. 

I am thrilled to have bought a retired Caprice 9C1 from Key Motors and would recommend doing so to anyone interested in a top quality used law enforcement vehicle!

Rich Houghton

hello, i am mailing from germany.  last year we bought a 95`caprice-police from craig. a very solid and clean car at all with many power ! Thanx a lot !

Best wishes from germany

It is unbelievable how satisfied I am with my Pennsylvania State 9C1.  It has been three years that I have contacted you and I made the drive a few times from Montreal, Quebec (Canada) to come find my car.  I, like many others, was sceptical, firstly about buying a used police car and secondly buying a nine-year old discontinued Chevy.  Furthermore, my scepticism was amplified by the fact Key Motors was across the border.  As I did more research and spoke to Craig, it was apparent that the "Cop-rice" was a different breed of car.  I started to look around my area to see what was being offered: white, mostly 1994, advanced state of rust, holes everywhere - dashboard, bumper, trunk, roof, in the rubber floor - and half of them had the 4.3L (L99)... needless to say that our cop cars up here get very beat up and have to go through harsh winters; after ten years the cars have very visible signs of aging.  I decided to try my luck south of the border.

After test driving a multitude of Caprices on several occasions, I finally found the one: clean, no holes, no rust, quiet and packing under the hood.  I must add that the whole time Craig was there to answer questions and had no problems with me test driving several cars and inspecting them inside and out.  I told Craig that I wanted a good car that had to last and that it would also need to pass inspection.  He was fully cooperative and understanding.  In fact, it passed both federal and provincial inspections (which are very stringent) without any problems.  It is unbelievable how many people are impressed by how clean the car is (even mechanics and car connoisseurs!), their faces are full of surprise when they find out it's a '95 ex-cop car.  The drive is great too, the LT1 delivers..."ask and you shall receive"!  Overall, I'm very happy with the car and Key Motors.  The car was delivered as promised, checked, nice and clean.  I know it sounds as if I'm praising Craig and Key Motors but that's just how satisfied I am with the whole process.  I came down to see Craig without knowing what to expect, and now I am impressed, truly satisfied and a proud owner of a LT1 9C1.
Thanks Craig!    G.Romanelli     

Thanks for the great car.  I am very pleased with how smooth it is, and how nicely it runs.  It feels like driving a new car other than minor cosmetic aging.  It is a world of difference from my old vehicle.  Craig is very easy to deal with, very straight forward and honest about the condition of the cars he's selling.  I flew up to Albany airport where Craig picked me up in my new car.  Getting the "in transit" tag was no problem, and I drove 410 miles back to Harpers Ferry WV with no problems.  One big surprise though, Craig promised low 20's miles per gallon, I got 26 on the way home!  I was taking it pretty easy most of the time but that is fantastic for such a big car!  Thank you again, the window tinting is excellent and the car is exactly what Key Motors promises.



Craig Jasmin is like no other auto dealer I have witnessed or have read and heard about. Craig is a very motivated and kind person, and it shows. After my experiences with buying from Craig, I will always buy a car from him, and no one else when it comes to vehicle purchases. There is always a fair price, and Craig is not one to give false pretences. He knows what he's doing, and will never stretch the truth on any subject. Buy from Key Motors. You will not regret it.
Jack Thomas
Kingston, NY

Hi Craig,I just got the 95 wagon and its is exactly as
you said.I am very pleased with the car and am very
impressed with your description of this car.I'm also
impressed that you took time with me to walk around
this car in -10 degree weather to describe the
condition of it over the phone!I hope to do busisness
with you and your guys again.Again very happy with

Thanks for all your efforts, Greg White

My wife and I had been looking for a good used full sized car for about a year. One day we decided to look for a car online. We typed in "used cars" and went to e-Bay. Getting a used duty vehicle never came to mind until we researched the 9C1's. What more could you possibly ask for. Full size, four doors, room for 6 people and LT-1 power. The heavy duty options on these cars alone sold us on the deal. We looked at a lot of junk online and decided that my days of wanting to be under the hood and fixing someone else's headaches were over with! Then all of a sudden we saw one of Craig's KEY MOTORS cars on e-Bay. After talking to Mr. Jasmin at KEY MOTORS  our decision was made. He had a whole fleet of good clean and reliable duty vehicles that you virtually had to just insure, put a license plate on and drive home or he will arrange to have a in-transit plate installed with proof of insurance for a small fee. As we all know seeing is believing. So I asked my wife if she would like to drive to see Mr. Jasmin's vehicles with me. Let me tell you something, we were so over whelmed and impressed with his personality, the organization of his dealership and the knowledge he had of these cars. The condition and quality of the cars were indescribable. It was worth our 8 hour drive from Washington, Pa to his facility in Albany, Ny. You will not be disappointed if you decide to take the drive, its well worth it. The price and the hospitality that was given to us was remarkable. We now have people that we can honestly call our friends in Ballston Spa, Ny. We can't say that about any car dealer we have ever dealt with in the past. Not by a long shot. We highly recommend  KEY MOTORS for all your 9C1 interests.  These cars are now so few and far between to find. You will not find a nicer one out there than at Craig's location. The car that we purchased is a real looker.  It's nice when you are in traffic and other people will admire what we are driving even our local State Police.  We are looking forward to buying a second 9C1 for me next year. My wife won't drive her new Intrepid anymore! Gee, thanks Craig!!

Thanks for all you have done for us Craig, and for an experience that we will never forget!!

Chris & Tracey Mourer
Washington Pa
Now proud owners of a
1995 Marblehead Grey 9C1
March 18,  2004

About four years ago, I purchased my first Key Motors vehicle, a 95 New Jersey 9c1.  I found Craig through a local ad and gave him a call. The purchase was easy and the car was great. My memory of the transaction was that he was excited for me as I was to be driving this car. It was one of the first few he sold, and we spent many hours trading opinions, facts and our own conjectures about these cars.

I drove that car for just over two years, going just about everywhere within a 150 mile radius of Albany,
NY for work. My work pointed the direction and the Caprice just drove. In that time, not once did that
car leave me stranded.

Unfortunately, in late August of 2002, I had an encounter with a slick stretch of road and wound up
totaling the car. I should add that after a rear collision in this vehicle at about 30+ mph, I have a solid faith in this vehicle's ability to keep its occupants safe in an accident.

After the accident I did a considerable amount of soul searching as to whether I wanted to keep driving a
Caprice. After searching manufacturers' dealers' lots, and spending far too much time looking online, I took
a trip up to Key Motors and spent most of an evening talking with Craig about what I'd been thinking about.

My thought was that maybe I should take the opportunity to get an entirely different vehicle. We discussed the current 9c1 "market" and some stuff that had been going with his business. Craig's role in this discussion came to be referred to as a "9c1 Counselor". In the end, it became clear to us that, you know, they just don't make these anymore, and if you love driving them, do what you can to keep doing it.

So I bought a 96 9c1. Most people didn't realize it was a different car! I'll admit I had a few unforeseeable small problems with the 96 car after first buying it, but Craig was excellent and pro-active in taking care of these problems.

It's been about four years that I've been driving a 9c1. Owning one, sorry, two, has been a great experience. Owning two _Key Motors_ 9c1s has been a exceptional experience.

In the world of sales, a lot of people sell certain things because they see others make money in it and think they can get something for themselves too. Smart people see value in a product for themselves before others do and believe in it enough to sell others their vision and their values, not just a product. Craig is such a person.

I'm proud to be a Key Motors customer and I'm thrilled to have watched Key Motors start as one man's personal enthusiasm for a great car turn into a well respected nationally known enterprise.


Hello! My Name is Valentin and I`m from germany. Two month ago I bought a 1996`Chevrolet Caprice from Craig. The Car was former uses by a lokal Police Department. Together with a friend I hoped over to Ballston Spa to see the car before I make the deal. Craig gave us all the time we needed to look at the car and tryout everything. After that and one more day of thinking, I did the deal. All the things we talked about (putting in a CD-Player, extra rims etc.) were done by Craig like we made the arrange. He stored all things safe for the transport, everything was ok.

Now the car arrived at germany - I can start to restore it to get an original police-car.


Valentin S. 11.06.2005

I just want to say thanks to Craig and everybody at Key Motors. If you are in the market for something Craig has and looking for the best car buying experience, then get in touch with Craig. He is easy to reach by email, phone, or just take a visit to the shop. I called Craig to inquire about the Caprice Wagons he had. He invited me to come take a look and so I did. This was the most laid back test drive experience I had ever been on. Craig doesn't play the pushy salesman. He'll give you the history of the car to the best of his abilities. I test drove a couple cars and  decided on the one I liked best. Craig worked around my hectic schedule and later we finalized the deal over the phone. I then decided to add some options to my car. They offer a wide variety of options and add-ons that look factory installed. They can also have mechanical work done if you! like. I've had my car over a month now and it's been a dream. It was a pleasure meeting and doing business with knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic people. Thanks again Craig and company.


Rob Heffernan

I bought my 9C1 about two years ago from Key Motors.  It had 146K on it and two years later I just turned 200K.  The car has been a dream!  I beat the car all the time and it just stays together.  I have gone through 4 sets of rear tires, see the picture.  I have recommended this guy to many people.  This has been, hands down, the best purchase and the best seller ever.  I give him an A++!  Thanks for the sale and I'll be in touch for my next one!


Being a past 92' Caprice owner, and a current 96' Impala SS owner (and a current Impala SS/Caprice/9C1 car club member), it was obvious that when I wanted to add another daily driver, the choice would be to look for a Chevy Caprice 9C1. My 96' SS isn't allowed out much, and my Chevy Silverado, although great for my towing needs, wasn't the best for a daily highway commuter for gas mileage, but still had to have something fun to drive.

I started looking locally at auctions, internet car sites and car lots for a 9C1, but was quickly disappointed at how poor of shape these cars were in. And they were all white. Many were not checked out or cleaned up that well for sale. Here, I thought municipalities took care of their vehicles. And when these cars were up for sale, they were poorly prepped to get them sold (poor paint and damage repairs). Apparently some used car lots think Armor All on the tires is a full detail job. Get real.

A previous customer of yours who frequents our car club website forum mentioned Key Motor's website to check out for 9C1's.

I was impressed by how the website was laid out, and hey, you had cars in colors other than white!!!!! A 94' dark sapphire blue 9C1 caught my eye. The pictures showed a very clean car, and it was an ex-state trooper, so it was all highway miles. After a few conversations and finally making a deal, you even arranged to have the car shipped from New York to the Chicago suburbs area where I live.

When I received the car and finally got a chance to really give it a full inspection since I bought it off of pictures and phone conversations, I was really impressed with how clean and un-worn the interior was. The paint was shiny, and it even had a spare tire (most of the 9C1's locally were missing the spare and jack).

I, in my meticulous nature, like tinkering with cars and also am happy to say after inspecting the mechanics of the car that the car proved to be a very solid runner. I wholeheartedly recommend checking out a car from Key Motors and Craig Jasmin. Owning a 9C1 is a fun experience, and now I have a car that I can drive to the club meetings during the winter/bad weather.

Randy Andersen

I purchased my 1994 Caprice Citizen Wagon from Key Motors last year.
There were some initial electrical issues but Key Motors was there to follow
up and make things right. I was so happy with the LT1 performance I decided
to buy a bigger trailer. See attached photo.

Tim Gannon
Johnsonville, NY

I bought my car from Craig, and it has been a wonderful experience.  Craig has a real passion for police cars, and for brining the joy of owning these great cars to his customers.  Craig knows these cars inside and out, and he spent hours showing me all his cars and discussing all the exciting add-on options that he can provide.  I got a beautiful car, and with some fantastic add-ons.  Craig added 3.73 gears, high flow mufflers, and performance programming -- and the car really flies!  He also did some body and interior work to make the car look great.  Plus, he added a Monsoon CD player and enhanced speakers to make the stereo system come alive.  Finally, he added the Z-28 gauge cluster so I can monitor my engine's RPM's and other vital signs (which really brings everything together).  I highly recommend all of these options.  My car is a joy to drive, and I've had no problems with it whatsoever.  So, if you're looking for the best car, and the best car buying experience, then I suggest you buy one of Craig's police cars -- and load up on the options!

-P. Klein

About two years ago, I purchased a 1995 Police package Chevrolet Caprice from Craig.  Being a Police Officer and having driven these cars on duty, I really learned to love them.  The car I purchased was from Virgina Highway Patrol and is a strong running cruiser and it gets many comments from my fellow Officers.  Craig was a great guy to deal with and I enjoyed purchasing a car from him.   Soon my son is going to be looking for a used car and I suggested he look at Craig's website.  needless to say,  he can only talk about making the short trip to Craig's and look around.    I cannot say enough good things about my dealings with Craig.  I can only look forward to more dealings with him in the future. 


I was looking for my first car, something that was safe, and reasonably peppy. I knew my brother John had previously bought 2 Caprices from Craig, and all I heard after each purchase was what great cars they were, and what a great job Craig did with them. I'd considered getting a caprice myself, but to be honest I didn't think I could handle that much power. I noticed on Craig's website that he had police package Luminas, with the 3.8L V6, which I've seen perform and was very impressed with, and just like everything I've heard, Craig was right there to help me out.

On the test drive I really noticed how easy it was to go over the speed limit with one of these cars. And since the test drive I've been able to really see that pep.

Craig also made available for me to purchase, a monsoon head unit, and a 12 disc cd changer, he showed me how to save money by installing it myself, and I was surprised to see how easy it was, I only had one problem after he explained it to me, and all I had to do was give him a call and before I could tell him the details of my problem, he told me what I had to do to make my changer work, and sure enough it worked right there.

I look forward to buying from Craig in the future, or going back to him for any help I may need.


Kevin M.
New York

After all those many car buying experiences, I had a wonderful experience dealing with Craig. I found him and his lot by Ebay and I kept an eye on his website for a year looking for a Ford P71 and wasn't interested in Chevys and i had funds so i gave it a try and found a 94 9C1 which is white with nice options. After i first test drove it, fell in love with it and test drove other cruisers and didn't feel fit in so i bought the 94 9C1 right there and had difficulties with insurance company for insurance proof for DMV in order to receive plates and registration and time nearly ran out and Craig took care of it and it worked out. I haven't met anyone like him who would be honest and open minded about Caprices and other cars at his lot. Thanks to Craig, I am extremely happy with it and it hasn't given me a problem. I never will get bored with it by its performance, safety, reliability and room in the car. I will definitely buy another 9C1! from him in the future!

Michael C.
Proud owner of '94 9C1
Rochester, NY

I discovered Key Motors through e-bay. When I saw the selection of vehicles on Craig's website, I was very impressed. I was especially impressed with the "mods" that were offered. I traveled from NH to purchase a 1995 9C1 Caprice. The car was very clean and had a lot of power. I was assured that the car would pass my states safety inspection 100%. When I tried to get it inspected the next day...it failed and cost me a couple hundred in repairs. When I forwarded this to Craig...he stood by his word and cut me a check to cover the repairs - 100%. I'm sure most dealerships would have given me the tail light guarantee, but Craig was a stand up guy. I recommend him to anyone who appreciates these cars. Thanks Craig!!!

C Jones
Salem, NH

Today I had a great experience as I picked up a long sought-after white unmarked 9C1.  For two years I have been checking in with Craig to find something somewhat rare and finally he found what I was looking for.  Most unmarked 9C1's are a color other than white.  I think Craig thought I was crazy to be holding out so long for this, when there were many nice colored unmarked cars passing through his dealership.  But being a long time fan of the Impala SS, (but not a big fan of its price), I would have bought one of those if it had came in white.  And believe it or not I already owned two civilian Caprice's that were both white.  One was a 1992 and the other a 4.3 liter 1994.  Which will probably be up for sale soon.  I intend to make my 9C1 a family car / daily driver with some Impala type mods.

I just wanted everyone to know that I have found Craig to be first and foremost patient enough to put up with me for the approximately two years that we had been discussing my desire.  I have additionally found Craig to be quite honest and trustworthy.  He had saved me from making the four hour trip by actually talking me out of a few cars that I thought I had interest in.  Craig is not just a salesman, but he actually becomes your assistant in making your purchase.  There is a big difference in the two methods, as I know being a salesperson myself.

In conclusion, it's a relief to finally have a good experience buying a car.  I am happy with the car, Craig and his guys were very informative (and entertaining), and added positively to the buying process.  It was worth the four hours each way (from Long Island), and would gladly do it again any day.  Thanks again Craig!!


Rick S.

Having fallen in love with my retired FBI, '91 Caprice it finally came time to buy a replacement. (I had put close to 200,000 miles on it with no major repairs.)  So I took a look on Ebay to see what kind of Caprices were being offered there and what kinda $ they were going for. I spotted a low mileage '94 Caprice wagon offered by "some New Yorker."      "Car dealer," "New Yorker," "Internet Auction," my southern suspicions were aroused to say the least. But, I talked to Craig on the phone and checked the feed back from past buyers and ended up the winning bidder of the wagon. It was a pleasure to do business with this man. He revealed all known defects, delivered it to meet me at the train station and even gave me a full tank of gas. This is an honest man with integrity that I must recommend.

Sincerely, C.C.Clemen

I could go into a long drawn out story about how i met Craig Jasmin and the process it took for me to secure my vehicle from Key Motors.......but i won't!!!

Everything that i could possibly say, and the way i feel about Craigs professional attitude has already been said here.....so i wont bore anyone with a long speech.

Thanks Craig!!!..... for everything you have done for me over the past two years, and i look forward to buying more vehicles from you in the near future.....you are the best!!!!

Edward Simmons

I looked for 10 months to find a Caprice 9C1 Lt1.  I had seen several of Craigs cars on Ebay and decided to give him a call.  I learned more in one call to him that the whole previous 10 months.  Craig was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and very patient with my million questions.  When my car arrived by transport to Georgia, it was exactly as described.  In fact, Craig pointed out details that I probably would never had seen.  He treated very honestly and is there for you after the sale if you have any questions.  Thanks Craig


J Snyder
Savannah, GA
95 9C1 LT1

I have always been looking for performance cars. A long research into them led me to stop at the police cars. A friend of mine suggested visiting Craig at Key motors. I was looking to buy a Caprice, it was a weekend so I decided to go and visit Key motors. Craig from the first day I meet him shown great respect to me, even despite it was a weekend we immediately went for a test drive. It was the best experience of all I was in love with the car from the first test drive Craig really let me experience what 9C1 is all about: it is a true performer, looking big and bulky the car will out accelerate, out handle, and outbreak most performance cars; it gets at least 22 mpg on highway at 75-80 fully loaded. I bought my (95 9C1-Florida Sheriffs car from Craig in 2002) since then 12000 miles later I haven't found anything wrong with it. I frequently drive from Texas to New-York and the car newer gives me a problem, I went for a non stop trip to Texas witch took 26 hours to complete and had now problems at all.  Craig also shows a great commitment in his business, his cars are the best of the 9c1 there are out there. He is very helpful and will solve any problem you have, and work with you to get your police car in no time at all. 



Dima from Texas

Like many others that have "discovered" Key Motors and Craig Jasmin, I first heard about both in several of the web rings and egroups that covered Caprices and 9c1 police vehicles in particular.  I had purchased a 95 Caprice (ex-Michigan State Police) in 2000 and had planned on using it as a project car as it had much of it replaced not long before it was retired.  However, while browsing through the Key Motors website last November I stumbled across a 2000 Impala 9c1 that he had just acquired (had only the one picture at the time.)  After several phone calls, Craig was able to take further pictures so that I could get a better look at the car.  He was hesitant to send any photos before he had a chance to detail the car, but target fixation had already taken over me and I had to see how it looked.  Well, as much as I liked my Caprice, I was smitten.  I work at a Chevrolet dealership and had driven Impalas, plus my mother owns one, so I was fully aware of how they drove and handled.  After a few more conversations, Craig put a figure on my vehicle that I felt was fair and the deal was done.  By the way, did I mention I live just outside Charleston, SC?  Everything we did was long distance, but I never was given any reason to doubt Craig and anything he had to say about the car and he trusted me enough to put a dollar figure on my car without seeing it, let alone driving it before committing himself.  I am at that stage in life where you just know some people can be trusted, and in this day and age they are very rare.

To make a long story short, I drove about 2000 miles round trip in 48 hours to make the trade.  Going up to New York I stayed just ahead of a winter storm and then faced rain through the night as I headed back through the Northeast.  By the time I got home I was exhausted, but the car drove great and I was more than pleased with the purchase.  To this day I have not regretted buying from Craig and now intend to do so again.  When I traded the Caprice, I was left with all sorts of parts that I had intended on using during the cosmetic rebuild, and had planned on selling most of them.  Just recently, however, I got the urge to start working on some new project and had visions of finding an older Chevrolet (66-68) of some kind and restoring it when the idea hit, why not get another Caprice since I still love the car and have all those parts.  After making the decision to buy another, Craig was my first, and probably my only choice.  I have checked eBay and other sources, but with Craig you never have to worry whether the car will make it home, let alone last another several years.  So we are now in the process of trying to decide which vehicle in his stable will become my new project.
Let me repeat, you can search anywhere you like for a a good deal on a used car, especially  a specialty car like the 9c1, but you won't find a better PERSON from which to purchase.  Craig is a man with integrity and that is something not often found these days, especially in the car business (take it from one who knows!)  I would not hesitate to buy from Craig again and would recommend him to anyone wishing to buy from a trusted source.
Robert J. Eddy
Summerville, SC

I have always wanted a police car, and research shows the '94-'96 9C1 Caprices are the best of breed. 

Research also led me to Craig Jasmin and Key Motors.  Craig answered my email queries quickly, and when I asked if I could stop by the lot, Craig invited me up that day!  I poked around, took some test drives, and eventually cajoled my wife to come up for a visit.  Craig's low-pressure attitude and forthright manner were very much appreciated! 

After driving a few cars, we knew we wanted a '96, but we also had a budget to stick to.  Once again, Craig to the rescue - he went through his entire inventory, and found a white '96 sitting at his mechanic's shop awaiting a going-through.  An ex-canine unit out of VA, it had no rear seat or door panels.  But lots of hair!  My wife and I were impressed with how the car ran, and Craig assured us he'd take care of the interior. 

Craig also took care of registration, plates, he even bought a disposable camera and took before and after shots for us!  When Craig picked me up at the Albany airport - which is a half hour from his shop, each way, I couldn't believe it was the same car.  That was April 2002 - and we keep falling more in love with our car each road trip we take! 

Craig's cars are quality, no doubt.  But it's his demeanor, the way he treats you - the customer - with respect, and the way he makes sure everything is right with your purchase.  Craig found a car that was a top runner, installed an interior, fixed leaking lines etc to ensure reliability, did an amazing detail (and de-stink) job, registered the car, picked us up at the airport, and fit it all into our budget!  What more could a car-crazed newly-wed couple ask for?  Craig, you and all at Key Motors rule.  Like most of the posts here, we too hope to purchase another 9C1 from you someday!  Keep it up!

Paul & Margaret Resta

After a long search for a clean 9c1 CHEVROLET CAPRICE I learned about KEY MOTORS in Ballston Spa, NY.
After talking with the owner over the phone I was convinced that I was dealing with an honest and very help full seller. I bought a 1994 CAPRICE from this company that was advertised as "exceptional".  When I received my Caprice, she sure matched the description; EXCEPTIONAL!!  I would buy from him again without hesitation!!  Keep up the good work Craig!!

Rudy Roffelsen
Port Isabel, TEXAS

I needed several Caprices for our company.  While there are quite a few dealers who handle used police cars, I chose Key Motors.  Some of the other dealers had very large garages with many employees and "professional" sales people who were more than happy to sell me what THEY thought I needed.

I started reading about Craig Jasmin and Key Motors in a couple of the internet groups.  I heard many good things about him and his cars.  I also heard a few complaints and saw how he handled them.  I called and talked with him on several occasions.  I learned how they do business, where they get their cars and what they do to them.  I talked to some of his customers.  In the end, I spent nearly six months researching more than twenty dealers across the country, I decided to buy the needed vehicles from Key Motors.  Craig listened to my needs and found the right cars for me.
To date, we have bought five Caprices from Craig, and will continue to do so as long as I need these types of cars.  I have been really impressed with the cars.  Being located in Indiana, we are 707 miles from Key Motors and have done everything over the phone until it comes time to take delivery.  I have not been disappointed in any of the cars or in Craig and his team.
I can say is that I find Craig to be professional and very honest.  I have seen where a few of his customers (including police agencies) have tried to take advantage of Key Motors.  Despite these occurrences, Key Motors takes care of its customers.  I trust these people completely, and so should everybody else.  Yes, Virginia, there really IS an honest car dealer.  His name is Craig Jasmin.
Chris Baker
South Bend, Indiana


94 White 9C1 (NY Sheriff's car)
95 White 9C1 (NJ State Trooper)
95 White 9C1 (former Rouse's Point, NY PD)
96 DCM 9C1 (former Virginia State Police unmarked) cloned to Impala SS specs
95 Dark Sapphire Blue 1A2 Wagon (former NY state Police)

A great business, this Key Motors!  Great product, great service, great knowledge, great prices.  I think that covers it and if you want anymore fly Hooters Airlines!

Lawrence “Papa’s A Rollin’ Stone” Lee
95 Medium Marblehead Grey 9C1

Back in 2002 I was looking for a car that was safe, cheap, fast and somewhat economical, (rest assured I found one that meets or exceeds my standards) I tried looking for used cop cars but couldn't find anything clean enough until I found Craig's web site and to my surprise it was in my own home town. I stopped in and I took a test drive in a 95 9c1 with my dad, I remember him saying give it a little gas, my dads head whipping backwards and the rest is history. I've bought 2 9c1's from Craig and every time he has been more than willing to go out of his way to help with any of my needs or concerns. thanks for all the great help and advice.

      John Medick,
      Ballston Spa NY

About a year and a half ago a buddy of mine took me out to his garage to see his new car.  I could not
believe he had bought an "old cop car ",I mean those things are wrecks right??  Then he let me drive it and
explained how well most of them are actually maintained. At the time I was a big bad formula firebird owner('89),and I would never have believed that "one of those tanks" could move like that!  It took
off, tires smoking, and stopped way faster than I expected. It flat out made my formula look sad, especially considering it gets better gas mileage and carry's the whole family.  So I went to see Craig and, eventually, bought a '95 Maryland toll authority 9c1 w/85k and minimal cosmetic defects.  I also joined the local b-body club-UNYISSO, of which Key Motors seems to be the common denominator, and met quite a few people w/similar stories.  My brother liked my car so much he bought one himself a couple of months ago, and we are in the ongoing process of making them over into caprice ss's, with a great deal of help from Craig and Gary (the modman)!  Having had 25 cars/trucks in the past, I can honestly say, this is the first car I have truly loved. It exceeds all my expectations as a family car, it is my "hot rod", it easily replaced my firebird. It does all things with no effort. You want speed -more than enough and there's plenty you can do to add more. You want to stop-make  sure everybody is strapped in!  You want value-check the price of an impala ss!!!!!You want economy-I just got 25 mpg on the family outing to the ocean(@75-80 mph).  Handling-it's heavy, but it will still hang tight thru the corners, it's not a sports car but you can sure tick off some guys with really expensive "fast cars"!!  The no pressure salesmanship Craig displays is more than likely because the cars sell themselves!! (and I don't think he really likes to see too many of them go!!)   As far as I'm concerned all my future car purchases will come thru Key Motors and will likely be a 9c1 caprice provided there's any more left!! Better hurry- going fast!!  Of course that's what these cars are used to right!!!!  Thanx a bunch for all the fine service and may your lot always be full....or empty!!!???                      

Sincerely Matt Gill
Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Thanks so much for your help. We just wanted to tell you that we are very happy with our new cars. Also, we really appreciate the extra attention and effort you gave us. We know how hard you worked to get that grey car ready in time for us.  The white one is great also. Nobody would ever guess it has 140K on the odometer, it runs great! Actually, they both run great. Nice clean cars, just as advertised.


Anyway, we just wanted to say “ the cars rock”, but mainly “you rock”. Watch out, you may start giving car dealers a good name . Thanks again.

Dave and Marsha Tashman

(from Westchester) 


I first learned about Key Motors from my Dad when he bought his 94 NYSP 9C1.  We made the 5 hour drive to pick his car up on 5/28/03.  Once we arrived at Key Motors I was amazed.  I have always been a HUGE fan of the Police Package Caprice and to see in excess of 50 in once place and all for sale boggled my mind.  I met the owner of the business Craig, who showed us my father's car.  It was beautiful, exactly as Craig had described it. We test drove the car and Craig showed us what was so special about the 9C1s with the LT1 engine, they are like a low flying rockets to put it mildly. Just before leaving, Craig jokingly told me after the ride home I would want one too, he was right and two weeks later I ordered my 94 NYSP 9C1.

I had seen a few modification I really wished to perform on my 9C1 however I wanted them done absolutely correct.  So I contacted Craig who said he had never put Corvette injector covers on a 9C1 before but jumped at the chance to try something new.  I also asked that he black out all the chrome on the car and again Craig had it covered.  After driving the car Craig discovered it needed some transmission work and to my amazement he said the transmission would be rebuilt at the same company where the NYSP sends their units.

While I was again making the drive to New York on 7/12/03 I realized I was buying a car that I had never even seen before.  I then realized that no matter what problem the car may have had Key Motors has the resources fix or replace anything.  When I arrived my Dad looked through the garage door and with one simple word put any worry to rest "WOW".  The car was just how I dreamed it would be! We made the 5 hours drive home in a little over 4, can you say speed blindness.

Buying a car at Key Motors is more like buying a car from an old trusted friend then a "used car dealer". I would strongly recommend Key Motors and will definitely buy from them again.  Craig and his staff are all knowing when it comes to 9C1s and will exceed your expectations!!!

Kristopher Kennedy
Cape Elizabeth, Maine

My father-in-law has purchased several cars from Craig in the last year for his business and suggested I get one of the Caprices as they are really good cars and Craig does great work on them to make them better.  We picked up a '94 white former police car and have been very happy with it.  It is solid and has not needed anything sice we bought it!  Of all the car dealers here in Indiana,  I'll buy my next Caprice from Key.

Mat Lopshire
South Whitely, Indiana

WOW!  That just about sums it up.  I have been trying to find a way to buy a used cop car since I was a kid.  I have come close once or twice, then I found Craig’s website after seeing one of his cars on ebay.  Buy a car on the net?  No way, not me!  I have been following his site for well over a year before I was able to convince myself to give him call.  The car I was looking at was sold, but he was interested in what I wanted and asked a lot of questions.  Sure enough, a while later I get a call from him.  He might have something I am interested in.  A ’94 NYSP Thruway car with only 91,000 miles and dual spotlights, he describes it as being in excellent condition.  After struggling with the thought of buying a car over the net for a while, I ask if he will hold it until I can come out a take a look.  No problem.  Again, WOW!  We agree on a date and my son and I take the drive to Albany.

We get there a little early and have the chance to see Craig and his staff in action.  They are the best!  This car is better than I ever dreamed.  The other cars I tried for were from auctions and private parties, most of the cars were pretty tough.  This car looked beautiful.  Yeah, there is a blemish or two, but those are really badges of honor.  In reality, this car looks better than most cars in service today.  And we could get a warranty!  Craig let us use a Tahoe to take the rental car back to the airport.  After that ride, I am sold.  What a nice truck and 175,000+ to boot.

Once the car is ready, we take it out for a ride. It is just amazing on how smooth and tight the ride is.  Then we get out on the open road.  WOW!  I am sold.  I have never driven anything like this before.  10 years old and 91,000 miles and it could be just off the show room floor.  The only issue with the car was a problem with the AC and Craig was great about that, no problem.

This was positively the best car buying experience I have ever had, no question.  I have put over 2,000 miles on it in the couple of months since I bought and it is just great.  Yeah, I get some heat from driving a “cop car”, but so what?  I am admittedly a geek when it comes to this stuff.  But take off the spot lights and put different on wheel covers and no one would ever guess.  It is a beautiful car!

I will be back.  In fact my son is in the process of buying a similar one now.

Charlie Kennedy 
Cape Elizabeth, Maine    

Having  driven these cars extensively when new as a state trooper, I already  knew what a good car the Caprice is.  Any concerns I had about buying a used  police car were answered honestly and courteously by Craig.  His cars are  exceptionally clean, and dealing with Craig and his staff has been a  pleasure.  If you want a clean police package Caprice, I highly recommend  Craig Jasmin and Key Motors.

Charles Schack

I had been searching for an unmarked state police car for about six months when I found Key Motors' website. After perusing through the available inventory I found the car I wanted -- a 1996 Virginia State Caprice. I quickly contacted Craig, who was informative and honest. He even promised my money back and a ride to the airport if I wasn't satisfied.  He picked me up at the airport and the car was everything he promised. This car is one of the nicest unmarked units I have ever driven. What a GREAT experience. I will never go anywhere else!

Brad Barczy

Germantown, MD  

I had known Craig Jasmin of Key Motors for a few years thru a local car club, so when my wife and I were looking for a used SUV in the $10,000 range, we went to Key Motors to see what condition the Tahoe's & Bronco's were in.  We were able to test drive several different vehicles and found a black '99 Tahoe we both really liked.  Craig's price was very reasonable, which made it financially possible for us to buy a carpet and new aftermarket rims & tires.  Craig was also willing to buy them himself and tack the cost onto the purchase of the vehicle, which allowed us to roll it into the car loan, instead of paying it upfront.  Craig also allowed us to install the carpet ourselves at his shop, saving us a couple hundred bucks.  We've put over 3,000 miles on it in the 6 months we've had it and have had no problems.  People are usually shocked when they realize it's a former police vehicle because it's in such nice condition.  All in all it was a great experience and we got a beautiful Tahoe in excellent condition for a great price and I will definitely consider Key Motors again next time we're looking for a used vehicle." 

-Josh Reuter, 
Schenectady, NY

...outstanding service and customer support!  Key Motors is one-stop
shopping for a 9C1. 
Commander United States Navy

I bought my car through Key Motors in June, 2001. All my dealings with Craig were done over the internet and I was impressed by the speed and quality of the replies to my queries, and the reassurances that were given. The car was delivered to the docks at Port Elizabeth, New Jersey by Craig and sent over to the U.K. where it was collected and modified to meet U.K. regulations. Both the guy that modified the car, who was also the importer for me, and I were amazed at the condition of the car. It truly was even better than I expected for a 100,000 mile ex-VSP cruiser. In addition, the shipper was very impressed with the efficiency of Craig's response to all their requests for information.

I tell everyone I meet that these LT1 powered 9C1s are such great cars and where I bought it from.
Thanks, Craig, for making the whole buying, shipping and owning process so drama free and pleasant

Sandy Mercer, 
Glasgow, Scotland

Thanks Craig for saving us over $10,000.00 compared to what the other used vehicle dealers where asking for their 4 wheel drive 99 Tahoe's.
Keep up the good work!

The Wutzer Family

I just want to thank you again for a great deal on a great truck.  It is
uncommon to find a police vehicle with such low miles, and you gave me a
great price with no hassle.  I know that when I am looking for another
vehicle, I will be back.  You can add me to your list of satisfied
customers.  Keep up the great work of providing these specialty vehicles to
us enthusiasts that can appreciate them.  Thanks again!

Will Northup
Charlton, NY

Key Motors is by far the best car buying experience I've ever had, new or
used. Craig Jasmin, the owner, is a straight shooter and really gives you an
honest deal. They know these cars inside and out and with the custom options
and upgrades that you can get like cruise control, Z28 instrumentation, etc,
you can almost order your car any way you want it.

I was so happy with my car, I bought my wife one too! I can't say enough in
praise of Key Motors ...Thanks Craig!

David Wilson, NY  

I purchased a 95 9C1 from Key motors in 2000.  Craig was a pleasure to deal with.  He was up front on all information about the car and the transactions to buy the car went off without a hitch.  I would recommend Craig to anyone thinking about buying from him.  He sells only quality vehicles and back what he sells.  I plan to buy from again. 

Alan Westin, 

Two cars and I've driven over 100,000 miles between them both, and I could not be happier.  Not only with the cars, but with the service as well.  Craig has always been willing to help me out with everything regarding the car; from detailing it to helping me out with mods to make it stand out in the crowd to changing my starter in my driveway on a Sunday in February.
   Everything about the car and the purchase was great.  I have recommended Craig and Key Motors to everyone who I come in contact with.  Key Motors is more than a dealership and Craig is more than a salesman.  Thanks Craig for everything!

George D.
96 9C1